Gecko Baby

Lian’s story:

I live in Taiwan. I saw a tiny lizard in my house and I caught it under a glass. I was a little scared of it at first because I am not used to reptiles and it was so fast. But it was a baby and so small, the body only the size of a penny, plus a thin tail.

I was fascinated by it. I looked at it closely. It jumped all around that night. I did research on lizards, asked a friend who is a vet student and found out it was a house gecko, completely harmless to humans. They sometimes hang out on door frames. They also like to sit on the tv screen when it is on, because it’s warm. The next morning I moved the glass a little and it slowly moved a little. It was just sleeping. Geckos sleep a lot during the day, and they don’t have eyelids so their eyes are always open. Some lizards like to sleep hanging upside down from a branch. Other lizards are really close to their owners. I put two drops of water in there for it and I kept the gecko that day, looking at it often. It was very calm. I took many pictures. Then in the evening I let it go outside. For the next few days I missed the gecko and wished I had kept it in my house to run free. If I get another gecko in my house, I will let it stay awhile.


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