Raccoon Spirit

Olivia’s story:

Rick and I buried a gorgeous raccoon today in our small Oakland, California backyard. She was young, and perfectly healthy and so beautiful. ‘Til a human driving a car hit her, and left her on the road near our house. Such a waste. We said prayers and admired her beauty, intelligence, tenacity – her perfect feet and hands, her absolutely exquisite fur, her surprisingly delicate, and certainly powerful adolescent teeth – and her people’s miraculous capacity to survive – against big odds and keep some remnants of their ancient, native raccoon tribe intact, alive and well, here in this ultra urban city that has left so very little room for her and all other free creatures to dwell in; which is still much more than many over-grown human cities have left for all the rest of our relations who are all essential, all important. May this time of such extreme human rudeness/mistakes end as quickly and gently as possible.

My encouragement to all us humans: Plant food, worship and protect local waters, top soil and farmers. May we gentle ourselves as we learn to listen in, and to belong within the larger earth communities. And may we rebuild every human economy to have the health of the earth as its central basis.                                                        Olivia Corson, Founder of Body Tales (www.bodytales.com)


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