Helping Hand

Testimonial – Susan’s story:

Leina provided me with a lot of help when I began dog and rabbit sitting for some friends who went back to their home country for three months.  

My friends had purchased a very beautiful and large rabbit habitat, but the rabbits just went in and urinated, so my friends had blocked off access to it and just left it there.  When I asked Leina to find out why the rabbits were not so interested in the habitat, they said it smelled bad to them and it was cold.  They lived in a screened-in porch with free access to the backyard, and the rabbit habitat was out there.  So I got some volcanic rock/zeolite to absorb the “new house smells” and then ordered some hay to fill it with since  hay is a great way to keep rabbits warm.  The rabbits were very psyched and the habitat soon became a regular favorite hang out place.  

She also helped me with the dog. Chloe, on several occasions.  One thing I noticed was that the dog was constantly wanting attention, constantly wanting to go for a walk and it made me feel  stressed because I don’t always have time to walk the dog several times a day and I felt guilty not taking her.  But Leina explained to Chloe that I was trying my best to take good care of her, and that the work I was doing (when I wasn’t taking her out for walks) was more important.  After that, I noticed Chloe relaxed a lot and she stopped begging to be taken for a walk.  I still took her out regularly, but not quite as often.  She also helped me to understand why Chloe had done a number of things, like bite a woman when we walked by her during a walk.  

 My relationship has gotten much better with the animals, because, with Leina’s help, I’ve come to realize that these animals actually  have  thoughts, opinions, preferences and desires  — just like humans.  I am a much more humble person with respect to my interactions with them because of this, and have a have greater a appreciation of them as unique children of God.  

Susan B.  from Sunnyvale, California 


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