As She Is



2 thoughts on “As She Is

  1. Sophia says:

    Love this one! It is exquisite! I wonder what thoughts came up during its creation. This is something I always wonder when I resonate with an art piece. Sometimes, it is a linear process, one thing leads to another, sometimes, there is an aha moment, sometimes it is a mood or a vision that we wish to share… what was it for you?

    • creationmuse says:

      Thank you very much for your loving feedback.
      As She Is pen and ink drawing came about quite spontaneously. The urge to do art that day told me to try a drawing using a pen. So I did. I started at a point on the blank paper with an empty mind and let go. The pen pretty much did its thing from beginning to finish. The end result quite surprised me for this was the very first pen and ink drawing attempted. From what I could tell, the pen simply expressed whatever was going on inside of me throughout the creative process. It was done very quickly too. The discovery of this new medium to play with has brought me so much joy since.

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