The Deer Family

On a quiet and cloudy afternoon, our regular visitor Mama Deer dropped off her two youngsters on our front lawn, one under the cherry tree and the other behind an evergreen bush.  They lay all curled up with their Bambi eyes wide open.  I grabbed the camera, then ever so silently opened the patio door and stepped into the garden heading for the cherry tree. Tiptoeing ever so lightly, I came about two feet from the cute thing and crouched down to his level. Somehow I got this idea that it’s a boy. “Hello there.” His whole body held tight not


moving a hair. “It’s ok. I just want to take a picture of you. Is that ok? Are you ok?” I whispered. Then I heard from inside, “I am to stay here.” “That’s fine.” I said, “You stay as long as you like.” And it’s easier for Mama Deer to go off and have her meal if she doesn’t have to watch over her children and predators at the same time. She would return. I snapped a few shots and thanked the little fawn then retreated back into the house. The two fawns lay motionless for another hour or so before Mama Deer came to fetch them.