Art Tales



The human angel is good and ready,                                                                                                          beautiful she,                                                                                                                                                          spreading her love to embrace all.                                                                                                                           Her body lean and strong, cloaks in a field of flowers,                                                                  invinsible to outside forces.                                                                                                                                        Her heart resonates rhythm of divine music.                                                                                               Those who cast their eyes upon her recognize their true Selves.                                           Together the world is instantly healed.                                                                                                             What lied ahead matters not                                                                                                                                        for she dwells in the present moment – living, loving and giving to all.                                                                                                                                




Poppy   Girl

Poppies, bright red ones, were blooming in our neighborhood. The brightness of the red overpowered its surroundings. During that time, one of my neighbors, a young widower, father of six years old Sarah, asked me to watch over Sarah in the afternoons. I called her Little Redhead. One of the things we enjoyed was going for walks looking for wild rabbits. One day Sarah spotted a red poppy laying broken on the pavement. In her cautious manner, she bent down and picked it up ever so tenderly. Holding the long stem up, her usual downcast eyes had to lift up to see the flower. After gazing at it for a time, she started to take notice of the blue sky, white clouds that resembled angel’s wings, flying geese, even treetops as she giggled describing them to me. When we got back to the house later, I put the flower in a vase. Sarah drew a picture of herself holding her daddy’s hand standing on the ground and her mommy with wings hovering over the sky. She then finished it off by drawing a big red poppy in the centre and said, “It’s a magic wand.”


acrylics on canvas/machine stitched                                                                                                                          19 1/2″ X 22 1/2″

From   Sea   To   Sky

Once upon the time an Orca was born in the waters of Juan De Fuca Strait. A great celebration took place. Even the seagulls were invited to the happy occasion. Young Orca was a curious and adventurous little fellow who often roamed the sea in search of uncharted territories for fun. After some time he became bored with ocean life. He would surface to visit with the seagulls and wondered about life in the sky. “My seagull friends look so carefree up there. Why can’t I fly? There must be a way.” The day came when young Orca wanted to ask the seagulls to teach him to fly. The sea was especially rough. Young Orca witnessed the seagulls caught in a terrible storm, being blown about barely hanging on. “Go home!” They yelled. “Go home where you are safe!” Young Orca quickly dove down making his way home where he belonged. And  that felt good and right. From then on, a change came over him, instead of complaining, the young Orca went about his days by being helpful while singing a happy tune.


acrylics on canvas/machine stitched/20″X27″

Catching   Hearts

Have you ever experienced a song coming to mind out of the blue and you can’t help but sing and hum it over and over for hours on end? Well, this song by the Beatles did it to me one day while sunning on Hookena Beach, Hawaii. “All you need is love, la, la, la, la.” “All you need is love, la, la, la, la.” “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” In a small rowboat a distance away, an old Hawaiian busily sprinkling a kind of homemade gruel into the clear emerald water. We’ve met before on this beach when he told me the story. “My wife and I used to come here everyday to feed the fish. She was a big fan of sea life. Instead of catching them, she believed fish are hungry for love just like the rest of us. And they love this stuff we feed them. My wife is gone now. I will keep it up for her and the fish for as long as I am able.  


cotton fabric/hand & machine stitched/22 1/2″X26 1/2″