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Art came into Leina’s life when she worked with young children who had learning challenges many years ago. She got to know the children and discovered ways to help and support them by watching them draw, paint and move and by listening to their stories.


Later on, she was inspired to draw mandalas as a meditative exercise to deepen her spiritual practice. A whole new world opened up, her inner world of imagination and aha moments, to explore and express. As a dancer and storyteller she often used spontaneous drawings to enhance her performances. As time gone by, the creativity expanded to mixed media, painting, pen & ink drawing, art quilting, nature photography and writing. The Spirit of each artwork, alive and present, tells its own story visually and in writing. The excitement and fun from playing with the creative process keep her love for it going strong.


In this website, she shares the expressions of her musings through art, movement and writing. She affectionately refers  to her work as Beloved Creations.




Through years of spiritual practice and having fun with creative play, Leina developed a form of self therapy combining art, movement, writing and nature. which she calls it ‘The Process’.  In order to express what IS in the moment, she had to figure out ways to practice spontaneity like that of a child. The creative process of doing a drawing, or a painting, or a poem or moving to music, helps her to accept and embrace what she sees and feels about herself, become stronger, have better clarity, be more centered and confident to face the next gift life has to offer. The Process produces quick, powerful, healing and transformative results.”






In the Animal Communication category, stories  illustrate appreciation and fondness between humans and animals. Through years of communicating with animals, Leina recognizes them as clear examples of living only in the present moment. She has come to believe that the animals’ sole purpose on Earth is to love us. As she cares for an animal, the gratitude and love in return is immensely felt. She would often say, “After all we and the animals are co-inhabitants of this earth planet.”

Leina keeps a vegan diet and lifestyle as a way of practicing compassion towards all life.


Animal communication inquiries are via email unless requested otherwise.




Even though this site is updated as a blog, the art on this site is best viewed by category:

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Deer and Yellow Roses

Weather is cooling down fast in this late autumn season. The two yellow rose shrubs are at the tail end of flowering. We’ve enjoyed the beautiful blossoms.

Yellow Roses

I remembered when we planted them back in August, several buds were opening nicely. Well, one day Mama Deer discovered the buds and helped herself with all of them. I sat down immediately and communicated with her, that it’s ok to eat a few and please leave the rest for us because we enjoy looking at their beauty and smell their fragrance very much. Weeks went by having plenty of new buds appearing and flowering. Summer and fall came and went. Mama deer has left the yellow roses alone for us. Thanks Mama deer.Mama Deer


Helping Hand

Testimonial – Susan’s story:

Leina provided me with a lot of help when I began dog and rabbit sitting for some friends who went back to their home country for three months.  

My friends had purchased a very beautiful and large rabbit habitat, but the rabbits just went in and urinated, so my friends had blocked off access to it and just left it there.  When I asked Leina to find out why the rabbits were not so interested in the habitat, they said it smelled bad to them and it was cold.  They lived in a screened-in porch with free access to the backyard, and the rabbit habitat was out there.  So I got some volcanic rock/zeolite to absorb the “new house smells” and then ordered some hay to fill it with since  hay is a great way to keep rabbits warm.  The rabbits were very psyched and the habitat soon became a regular favorite hang out place.  

She also helped me with the dog. Chloe, on several occasions.  One thing I noticed was that the dog was constantly wanting attention, constantly wanting to go for a walk and it made me feel  stressed because I don’t always have time to walk the dog several times a day and I felt guilty not taking her.  But Leina explained to Chloe that I was trying my best to take good care of her, and that the work I was doing (when I wasn’t taking her out for walks) was more important.  After that, I noticed Chloe relaxed a lot and she stopped begging to be taken for a walk.  I still took her out regularly, but not quite as often.  She also helped me to understand why Chloe had done a number of things, like bite a woman when we walked by her during a walk.  

 My relationship has gotten much better with the animals, because, with Leina’s help, I’ve come to realize that these animals actually  have  thoughts, opinions, preferences and desires  — just like humans.  I am a much more humble person with respect to my interactions with them because of this, and have a have greater a appreciation of them as unique children of God.  

Susan B.  from Sunnyvale, California